Assignment 1.1 – Innate Qualities of Leadership

Welcome to your Assignment 1.1 - Innate Qualities of Leadership

Please complete the analysis of your innate versus learned leadership qualities below.

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Humility:  Innate %   plus
Humility:  Learned % (Must add to 100%)
Humility:  How I currently demonstrate:
Humility:  How will I improve:
Empathy:  Innate %   plus
Empathy:  Learned % (Must add to 100%)
Empathy:  How I currently demonstrate:
Empathy:  How will I improve:
Vision:  Innate %   plus
Vision:  Learned % (Must add to 100%)
Vision:  How I currently demonstrate:
Vision:  How will I improve:
Risk-Taking:  Innate %   plus
Risk-Taking:  Learned % (Must add to 100%)
Risk-Taking:  How I currently demonstrate:
Risk-Taking:  How will I improve:
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