Professional Leadership Training Program – Self-Study, Self-Paced Course

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Course Information

Estimated Time: 6 modules over 6-10 weeks

Difficulty: Intermediate



Course Instructor

Professor Bryan Bennett Professor Bryan Bennett Author

Professor Bryan Bennett has been an adjunct university professor since 2008. He has developed and taught analytics, leadership and marketing courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels, both online and in the classroom. In addition to teaching organizational leadership courses, he has mentored a number of students from healthcare, business, law enforcement, retail and hospitality industries. Professor Bennett is also a Certified Adjunct Faculty Educator by SoCAFE and a Certified Applying the Quality Matters Online Facilitator by Quality Matters.

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Module 1: The Nature of Leadership

Module 2: Assessing Leadership Capabilities

Module 3: Developing a Leadership Vision

Module 4: Living Your Leadership Vision

Module 5: Reflecting on Leadership

Module 6: Leadership Coaching & Mentoring