Leadership Impact Survey (Free)

We have developed an instrument to better quantify and monitor the results of leadership improvement training called the  Leadership Impact Survey (LIS). It was developed from the key concepts from the book, Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare. The survey examines leadership along 9 dimensions summarized into two categories: the Potential for leadership and the Practice of leadership. When used in conjunction with the Professional Leadership Training course, it enables the organization to assess where participants are before the course and tracks their improvement progress after the conclusion of the course. By quantifying the improvement results, it helps organizations measure the return on investment in their leadership improvement program.

The survey is free to take and within 24 hours, recipients will receive a chart which details how they compare to the average of all who have taken the survey.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 30 minites

Difficulty: All

Course Instructor

Professional Leadership Academy Professional Leadership Academy Author