About Us

Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare
by J. Bryan Bennett
Published September 2017
The Path to Professional Leadership
by J. Bryan Bennett
Expected Publication 2Q 2020

The Professional Leadership Academy is owned and operated by the Healthcare Center of Excellence (HCOE), a privately-funded research and consulting organization dedicated to helping healthcare organizations identify, understand, implement and manage the technology, processes and human resources needed to be successful in today’s changing healthcare environment.

The Professional Leadership Academy is dedicated to the improvement of leadership in all industries and organization levels using a personalized, process-based approach that is adaptable to almost any leadership encounter with measurable results.

The Professional Leadership Training Program is based on the Professional Leadership Process™ detailed in the book, Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare, written by the Founder and Executive Director, J. Bryan Bennett. The 12-month program features pre-course assessments, a training course and follow up coaching and reassessments.

Professor J. Bryan Bennett is the Founder and Executive Director of the Healthcare Center of Excellence. He is also the lead faculty member of the Academy.