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Welcome to the Professional Leadership Academy, the home for all your professional leadership needs. The Academy is owned and operated by the Healthcare Center of Excellence. If you’re looking for a leadership development program that is proven, comprehensive with measurable results – you’ve come to the right place.

The program is based on the proprietary Professional Leadership ProcessTM detailed in the books, Prescribing Leadership in HealthcareTM and The Path to Professional LeadershipTM.

Professional Leadership is not about how much you earn,
but it’s about how much you practice and learn.”
– J. Bryan Bennett

It’s been called the most comprehensive leadership development program seen by people with extensive leadership training. See how your leadership training measures up by taking our Leadership Program Assessment. You might be surprised with the result.

Congratulate our inaugural Professional Leadership IMPACT Award recipient, Chris Van Gorder, President & CEO of Scripps Health.

Review the course structure and try some free lessons in our Professional Leadership Program Preview.

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Leadership Program Comparison

Typical Leadership ProgramProfessional Leadership Program
1 class (one and done)12-month improvement journey
Skills focusedProcess-based
One size fits all
Personalized to the individualized
No feedback loop to see if training implemented properly
Reflection and coaching feedback throughout program
No measurable leadership growth resultsMeasurable leadership growth results

Professional Leadership is not about how much you earn. It’s about having a personalized leadership practice and continuous-improving process to help you become a better leader. Watch the video below and listen to the podcast below to learn more about Professional Leadership.

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